Viola Nail Academy. Courses of nail extension, manicure, pedicure in Kharkiv Victoria Kisel

Why do students choose us?


Our teachers are certified, championship winners, have international certificates and conduct training according to uniform programs drawn up and approved by Victoria Kisel (international instructor and judge). Kisel Victoria is the only certified judge in Kharkiv at OMC, INJA international championships, as well as national SPU championships.


The training center began its work in 2010 and during this time more than 10,000 students have graduated, who work in the best salons and already have their salons and schools in more than 30 countries around the world.

Course structure

90% practice on models 10% theory and 100% informational support after graduation.


Individual training schedule - you yourself choose the days of attending classes convenient for you, thus forming your own unique learning process.

Classes Equipment

The training center possesses the latest and modern professional equipment that makes your stay in the classroom comfortable.

The Unique Programs

The author's manual for the student, specially developed on the basis of 15 years of experience of the director of the training center, special attention is paid to your health - the personal protective equipment of the master, the rules of the SES and the sterilization of the instrument.

Certified School

The only school in Kharkiv, certified for 1 level of accreditation according to the system of standards of beauty salons (KSSK).

International Diploma

At the end of the courses, international diplomas are issued with 3 degrees of protection, as well as a unique serial number, which is entered in a special register and, if necessary, allows the student or student to restore the diploma, or the employer to clarify information about the completed courses by the student.


Tuition fees can be made in equal payments throughout the course.


The training center is located in the city center, a 5-minute walk from the metro station Architect Beketov, free public parking is available.

Teaching Quality

We conclude an official agreement that guarantees the legal protection of the student. We teach from scratch and without initial skills, we conduct basic and personal training, improve the qualifications of masters.

Nice Feature

Our teachers are always emphatically polite to students. A cozy working class atmosphere that sets the tone for your learning. We provide all the necessary tools and materials for the course. Each hryvnia invested in training brings 100% return!

Our courses

Our Advantages

The school is certified for the 1st level of accreditation according to the system of standards
The Founder is the vice president and coach of the Kharkiv nail aesthetics team
More than 400 victories of students at international and national championships
Students who attended the courses are working or have opened their salons and schools in 36 countries of the world
Founder is a member of the International Nail Judge Association
11 years of the training center
Network of training centers in Ukraine and abroad
Founder is judge and trainer of the World Championship of nail aesthetics